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If you live in Greater Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland area and are interested in a career in Real Estate, then you already know about RE/MAX. Our global Real Estate network has 113,000 real estate agents in 7,459 offices in over 100 countries. RE/MAX was founded in 1973 in the United States and every year since 1999, we are #1 both in US and Canada per transactions. Every day in our beautiful city, our REALTORS hunt high and low and guide buyers and sellers to the outcomes they seek, whether they are in Vancouver, in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Vancouver is a key player in the Real Estate market and RE/MAX is one of the most important driving forces of the Real Estate industry. No matter if our clients are investors who want to buy a development in the heart of the downtown or recently-married couples interested in their first apartment. We are able to find the best solution for each buyer and seller. Thanks to our web-roasted system of referrals, we enlarge our network daily.

The Real Estate market is continually transforming itself. Millennial’s are the new buyers – we live in a world where investments are based on international money-flow and where technology is a game-changer. We do our best every day to be part of the future.

Thanks to our high percentage commissions (between the Brokerage and our agents, our Real Estate agents are the most economically satisfied and professionally fulfilled REALTORS® in North America. There is just one more thing that we need to do: raise the bar for our offices. We need more wonderful and brilliant people to take RE/MAX to the next level in Greater Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland – and from Vancouver to all over the world. If you are amazing and if you are considering a career in Real Estate in Greater Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland, come here to do the best job of your life, feel great about helping people finding the right place to live, guarantee yourself great earning potential and have a good time doing it. All from one of our offices in Greater Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland area.

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10 Reasons you should come work with us at RE/MAX

  1. Be part of a team thats having real impact in the Real Estate market.
    Every 30-seconds, a Real Estate agent in the world helps someone find their perfect place. Figures confirm that RE/MAX agents sell more than any other agent – in Vancouver and out of Vancouver.
  2. Be viral! We are not afraid to share.
    From 2006, over 13 million fee-free leads had been delivered. At RE/MAX, you can expect unrivaled business-building services at the local, regional, national and international levels. We have a web roster which eliminates intermediaries.
  3. You dont need a business card.
    Every year RE/MAX invests millions of dollars in global advertising, sponsoring the best golf, hockey and football events, regional campaigns, and banners in smaller and larger cities – in Vancouver, British Columbia and all over the world. Your Real Estate career can only speed up.
  4. The more you learn, the more you earn and vice versa.
    Being a RE/MAX Real Estate agent is your life-learning opportunity.
    You can attend the RE/MAX University and learn how to use the most amazing marketing tools for Real Estate, your creativity and your freedom.
  5. You are your own investment.
    There are cheaper places to do business, but cheaper is not a synonym of success. With your monthly investment, you can be sure you are making a wise investment in yourself and your Real Estate career.
  6. We want you to take time off!
    Being one of the top Real Estate agents in Vancouver allows you to earn enough money for the best holidays of your life.
  7. RE/MAX is a family.
    Just our 10 offices have 700 real estate agents. At the same time, we’re still a small team: every new REALTOR who joins us will make a significant impact on what we become in the Real Estate market.
  8. Life is fun on a rocket ship.
    We are fast and mobile, we are not afraid to use What’s App to be in touch with our clients or to lend them our tablet to let them take pictures. If you are a tech-savvy Real Estate agent, we want to learn from you.
  9. Open your eyes! Think more than big – think Global and be Local.
    You can stay in Vancouver and help your clients to find properties in over 100 countries, thanks to Global RE/MAX. Imagine a global MLS!
  10. Were changing Real Estate market, and we need your help.
    Check out our blog: it’s just a taste – joining us is even better